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Saudi Arabia’s $64 billion projects are shaping a bright future for all


Maybe you’ve already heard of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 as a plan to diversify its oil-centric economy. But do you know that the country’s $64 billion projects are being precisely designed for shaping a bright future not only for Saudi, but from the whole world?

The nation’s Vision 2030 is being constructed to serve nine specialized investment sectors: Energy, biotech, food, mobility, advanced manufacturing, technological and digital sciences, tourism, media, and entertainment — sectors strategically chosen to attract international investment. Some projects are nearing completion while others are in the earlier stages. What unites them all is a great motivation for shaping a bright future of a non-oil economy and reshaping public’s opinion of country.

From Neom and Qiddiya to The Red Sea project and more, the Kingdom seems determined to change our understanding of innovation, recreation, aviation and invention. Neom, the world’s first independent economic zone, is currently being developed in Tabuk, in the northwest corner of the country. The project aims to create a global model in various spheres by focusing on advanced industries and technology, with robots being used for many services and power being generated solely from wind and solar energy. The first section of it is to be completed in 2025.

Qiddiya, another Saudi project aiming for bright future, is the Kingdom’s pre-eminent entertainment, sports and cultural destination. It is planned to satisfy the social and cultural needs of generations to come. Visitors will have access to more than 300 recreational and educational facilities designed around five cornerstones of development: Parks & Attractions, Sports & Wellness, Motion & Mobility, Nature & Environment and last, but not least – Arts & Culture. Important to know is that two thirds of Saudi citizens are under the age of 35 and they seek a greater quality of life.  Qiddiya will provide world-leading entertainment and leisure options, while simultaneously contributing to empowering youth and women, lifting public health outcomes, and supporting environmental conservation.

The list of futuristic projects continues with the Red Sea project – a tourist destination which is being created around one of the world’s hidden natural treasures, more than 50 islands on the Red Sea coast. Situated between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, the site is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The project will set new standards for sustainable development and environmental protection; exceed expectations with the highest standards of service excellence and use technology to enable a seamless personalized experience that will position Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.

The examples continue with Amaala – a new global leading destination for wellness on the Kingdom’s northwestern coast of the Red Sea. The resort, already being dubbed the “Riviera of the Middle East”, will be focused upon wellness, healthy living and meditation. Nicholas Naples, a veteran luxury hospitality and development executive, will be the CEO of the project. “Amaala will awaken the world’s imagination by rephrasing the current concept of the luxury tourism experience, especially in terms integrative wellness, specialty treatments and related recreational offerings,” Naples said.

All of Saudi Arabia’s $64 billion worth projects are not only showing that the country is opening up to the world, but they are shaping a bright future for all. Producing more and more energy from renewable sources, setting solar panels and wind turbines, the Kingdom is on the right path for a greener and more sustainable economy.  Vision 2030 is governed by a strategy of transparency and effectiveness – equality for women and men, creating new jobs and new perspectives.

After all, even if the Western world has been widely criticizing Saudi Arabia’s reforms and improvements, the facts speak better than words – the country is doing its best to shape a bright future for generations to come.