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In Saudi Arabia – a new school curricula including philosophy and critical thinking


Saudi Arabia is making efforts to change the high school curricula and to include new educational projects. The program will include subjects like philosophy and critical thinking.

Education Minister Ahmed Al-Issa explained during the main session of the International Conference on Education Evaluation that the high school curricula is developing by the day and teaching the principles of philosophy to high school students is an essential part of the progress. This is adding up to the courses in the principles of law. The ministry began with workshops in around 100 high schools and is now developing courses related to technical skills, including workshops in programming and digital education and manufacturing.

The minister is open to new ideas and suggestions and he noted launching the Future Gate and the Competence Based Education Initiative – a project which is going to improve the education system and better prepare the students, giving them new opportunities for future development. An important shift to digital education is also essential and there are great benefits from modern technologies in the field of education nowadays. Technology is proven to create engagement in young students – for instance delivering teaching though gamification and taking them on virtual trips is encouraging more active participation in the learning process. With engagement comes a better knowledge retention, because everyone has its own learning style. Technology provides great opportunities for more effective learning with different needs. Last but not least, students can practice collaboration skills by getting involved in online activities – with the same classroom, the same school and even with classrooms around the world. Modern learning is about solving complex problems, critical thinking, developing different forms of communication and improving motivation.

The digital system is part of Vision 2030 – confirming the idea that everyone will have access to a good education, enhancing students’ skills on all levels. Saudi Vision 2030 is the Kingdoms vision for the future. The project aims in reducing the country’s dependence on oil and shifting on diversifying the economy, including a renewable energy program and equal opportunities for women and men to work. Developing Digital Infrastructure is integral to today’s advanced industrial activities and the governance of digital transformation will be strengthened through a national council and improved regulations.

Vision 2030 offers a great opportunity for the development of the Kingdom’s information and communication technology sector and technology focused businesses operating in the region are well-placed to benefit from this game changing initiative over the coming years.


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